About the Artist

Artist’s Statement

A wisp of cirrus cloud, transformed by changing light; filtered green sunlight in a deep forest; breeze-rippled water; the variegated fur of a dog’s haunch… My polestar is to convey the sense of natural phenomena by the interplay of color. The smallest intricacies of nature fascinate me as magnificent source points for possible exploration. Glazing countless layers of pigment contribute to the values, subtlety and complexity of my paintings. The work is large in scale pushing my whole self to stretch towards poetic resolve. The size allows a viewer the space to rest, imagine, and remember.  In art, as in life, attention to the medley of minutia determines the larger picture, always.


Brief Biography

Carole Barrer has a restless intelligence and natural curiosity, spanning the arts, sciences, choreography, painting and printmaking. She has a breadth of teaching experience across the arts, including movement, performance, choreography, and bodywork; and language arts, including speech and hearing; and visual arts.

Barrer has exhibited her art consistently for more than thirty years, in gallery and museum exhibitions, to regional and national acclaim. Her art is included in select public collections in the Pacific Northwest, and in more than eighty private U.S. collections. She was born in New York City, and currently lives and works in Seattle. 

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